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Posted 01/04/2022 in Christian Mental Health Tips

15 Mood Tracker Printables to Aid in Self-Awareness

15 Mood Tracker Printables to Aid in Self-Awareness

printable mood trackers quote Mood trackers are becoming more popular. While several apps help you track your mood, you are probably here because you would prefer a paper or PDF version of a mood tracker.

What Is a Mood Tracker?

A mood tracker is a printable or digital form that tracks your emotional state over time. Mood tracking can be helpful if you are experiencing changes in your mental health, such as depression or anxiety. They can also help you identify patterns in your emotions that may contribute to difficulties you are experiencing.

What are the Benefits of Mood Trackers?

Mood trackers can help you gain insight into your emotional patterns and responses; including your emotional triggers. Monitoring our moods can help us achieve our goals and become more aware of the patterns in our behavior. Here are five benefits of using a mood tracker. 

  1. Improved Self-Awareness 

Mood tracking helps us become more aware of how different events, activities, and emotions affect us. When you're able to track your moods, you can start to recognize patterns related to your mental health—like when certain activities make you feel better or worse. This improved self-awareness can help you make changes in your life that will benefit your overall well-being. 

  1. Clarify Thinking and Decision Making 

When we track our feelings, it makes it easier to see things objectively instead of getting caught up in the moment and making decisions based on impulse or emotion. Keeping a mood diary helps you take a step back to think more clearly and make decisions without letting emotions cloud your judgment. 

  1. Stress Management 

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but tracking your moods can help relieve some of the pressure by allowing you to identify which stressors are causing the most disruption in your life and then take steps to address them head-on. For example, if you notice that work is causing a lot of stress in your life, it may be time to reassess how much time you spend at the office or how much workload you take on each day so that it doesn't cause too much strain on your mental health. 

  1. Help You Set Realistic Goals 

Setting goals for ourselves must be achievable and realistic to stay calm and focused when trying to reach them. Monitoring our moods gives us insight into our behavior to set attainable goals for ourselves—such as spending 30 minutes every day doing something calming like yoga or meditation—and working towards achieving them without putting too much pressure on ourselves.  

  1. Improved Relationships with Others 

Knowing yourself better allows you to be more mindful in relationships with others and yourself. Relying on mood tracking gives us insights into how we respond emotionally during different situations, allowing us to improve communication skills and practice empathy with those around us who may be feeling similarly during tough times or successes alike!  

Does Mood Tracking Work?

Yes, mood tracking can be effective in helping you gain insights into your emotional patterns and responses. Mood tracking can help you identify trends or triggers better to manage difficult times in the present or future. Mood tracking also allows you to set realistic goals for yourself and practice empathy with those around you who may feel similarly during tough times or successes! Mood tracking is a powerful tool that can lead to better mental health, improved relationships with others, and stress management.

What Should You Use to Indicate Your Mood on A Mood Chart? 

There are numerous methods for tracking your mood, including using words, emoticons, and colors. The majority of the mood charts below are best suited for colors.

What Information Should You Include in Your Mood Chart?

Most individuals record their moods without adding any additional information. To get the most out of your mood chart, we recommend that you also track the event that triggered your mood.  In addition, to tracking your mood, it may be helpful to track your sleep, diet, exercise habits, social connection or other things that tend to influence  your mood.   Which is why most of our mood trackers also come with a note page.  

The Best Mood Tracker Printable

Here are some of the best mood tracker printables to help you better grasp your emotions which include: 3 different free mood tracker printables; a bible-based mood tracker, and much much more.  Most of the mood trackers can be downloaded by clicking the picture. However, a few can be purchased using our pay what you can model.  

Bible-Based Mood Tracker

Scripture based mood tracker Purchase via Gumroad

A bible-based themed mood tracker is a powerful tool that helps you track your mood and reminds you of biblical truths at the same time. We developed 12 different bible-based mood trackers. They included phased like I can do all things do Christ, Life without Jesus is scary and We love because He first loved us. With these mood trackers, you can assign six different moods a color. Then each day, you color a letter each day to match your mood.  You can download these Christian based mood tracker for a gift of any amount by visiting hour Gumroad store.  

Minimalist Mood Tracker

Free mood tracker printables Download now by clicking the above picture

This minimalist mood tracker is a free printable that allows you to track your mood over a year. It reminds me of a Microsoft Excel sheet. It helps you to track your mood with ease. The minimalist tracker and annual mood tracker below are both perfect to keep with your journal since they are only one page. You can download it for free by clicking the picture above.  

Annual Mood Tracker

Yearly mood tracker Download now by clicking the above picture

You can download the above Annual Mood Tracker by clicking the picture. It is only one page but is designed for you to be mindful of your daily mood.

Weekly Mood Tracker Printable

Week printable mood tracker Download now by clicking the above picture

If you’re looking for a mood tracker that covers the bigger picture, then the weekly mood printable mood tracker is a great choice. This mood tracker allows you to look at how your mood fluctuates over time and offers helpful insight into any patterns or triggers that may influence your feelings on a larger scale. By monitoring your mood several times each week separately, you can identify changes in the mood more easily and make meaningful adjustments to manage difficult times better.

Monthly Mood Tracker Printable

cute mood tracker printableDownload now by clicking the above picture

This pinball mood tracker is aesthetically cute. It is perfect for tracking your mood over a month. This Mood Tracker provides an attractive yet simple approach to monitoring your Mood, as it allows you to view each day of the month in one easy chart. By using color coding, symbols and labels, you can quickly recall how you felt at any given time and identify any patterns that may be influencing your Mood.

Free mood tracker Download now by clicking the above picture

This is another monthly Mood Tracker Printable that allows you to track Mood over an entire month. It is very simple yet very effective printable. Put the month's name in printable and start tracking your Mood as shown in the above picture.

cute free mood tracker printableDownload now by clicking the above picture

The Cute Mood Tracker Printable is a great choice if you want something fun and easy to use. With bright colors, playful symbols, and an overall cheerful design, you can easily track your Mood over a month without feeling overwhelmed. The printable also allows you to note any positive or negative feelings that may have impacted your Mood on any given day. Using this Mood Tracker Printable, you can start recognizing patterns in your Mood and take actionable steps to manage it better!

cute printable mood tracker Download now by clicking the above picture

Look at another monthly themed mood tracker printable. It has stars, and each star is associated with a date of a moth. There is a total of 30 stars for all days of the month. You also get a notes section to write the fluctuation of your mood.

printable mood tracker Download now by clicking the above picture

As you can see, there are thirty hearts on this printable with a plain background. The hearts are connected with dots, giving this printable a unique look. If you are looking for a simple and elegant printable, this is the perfect one.

cute mood tracker printableDownload now by clicking the above picture

This free printable mood tracker is visually different from the above templates but has the same function. Unlike stars and hearts, it has puzzle icons on it. There is also a box to write notes. With the help of this template, you can easily track your mood. The visual appearance of this cute mood tracker printable makes it unique.

bullet journal Download now by clicking the above picture

If you do not like the simple monthly mood trackers, this is for you. It is different as it has different types of lines. Again, there is a box to write the month's name. Six boxes to write keys are also provided.

cute mood tracker printableDownload now by clicking the above picture

In our list of free printable mood trackers, we are again at one of the cutest mood trackers printable. Its appearance is like balloons tied with cords. You can use these balloons to record your mood. There are three empty spaces to write keys as well.

Mood and Habit Tracker Printable

Mood and Habit Tracker PrintableDownload now by clicking the above picture

Unlike the above monthly mood tracker printables, this one has a different visual appearance and purpose. It can help you track your mood, as well as habits. Each section of this Mood Tracker Printable contains boxes for writing your Mood score and tracking any habits that may influence it. This way, you can easily identify which habits are helpful and which are not, leading to more effective Mood management. By combining the Mood scores with habit tracking in one convenient printable, you can stay organized and on top of your mood!

The Dashboard of My Life Mood Tracker Printable

Mental health Mood Tracker PrintablePurchase Via Gumroad

This mood tracker is an advanced printable that looks like a google sheet or spreadsheet. On the left side, there are different parameters for monitoring your mental health, such as social connection and mood. On the upper side, there are boxes than contain 31 days of the month. It not only helps you track your mood but also tracks your overall mental health. On the back side, there is a place to take notes each day.  You can download these mental health mood tracker for any amount by visiting our Gumroad store.

Bi-Annual Mood Tracker

Bi-Annual Mood TrackerDownload now by clicking the above picture

If you are looking for Mood Tracker that covers a longer term, then this Bi-Annual Mood Tracker Printable is a perfect choice. This Mood tracker allows you to view your Mood over six months, making it easier to identify any changes or patterns in your Mood over time.  Using this Mood Tracker, you can stay one step ahead of your emotions and make meaningful adjustments!

Final Thoughts on Mood Tracker Printables

The mood tracker printables mentioned here offer an effective way to keep tabs on our mental health and monitor our moods long-term. Whether you choose a weekly mood tracker, monthly mood tracker, or bi-annual mood tracker, they can all help us better manage our moods and stay in control of our lives. So don’t wait any longer – start tracking your mood today with one of the above mood tracker printable!

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