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Thank you for stopping by our small corner of the internet world. This site was born out of our founder’s Dr. Corine Williams, desire to increase mental health awareness in the Christian community. 

As a provider and user of mental health services, she personally witnessed the unhelpful ways Christians deal with mental health issues including the lack of understanding about effective treatment, reducing all mental illness to being of the “devil” or “sin,” and the belief that if people just prayed more, their issues would go away. These unhelpful views of mental illness have led to adults not living up to their God given potential, Christian marriages being destroyed, and people suffering in silence.

While we know the Church needs to be more open to mental health topics. . . there has been a recent trend of “it’s okay to have Jesus and a therapist too,” the goal of this site is to be more proactive and practical in increasing mental health awareness in the Christian community and to provide accurate and useful information. In order to accomplish this goal, we are taking the below three prongs approach:

1. We will be providing Biblically based information and resources about mental health topics. Check out our blog post here: 

2. Launching a database that allows individuals to easily find providers that share their world view. You can search for providers here: Find a provider

3. Providing a platform that allows providers to easily and effectively market their business. If you are a provider, you can list your business here: 
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So if you are up for the challenge, please join our mailing list. Finally, if you have a question or would like to share an idea, please drop us a line.

Please pray for us and know we are praying for you,

The Therapy for Christians Staff

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