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A Christian Mental Health Organization

Therapy for Christians goal is to be proactive and practical in increasing mental health awareness in the Christian community and to provide accurate and useful information. In order to accomplish this goal, we are taking the below three prong approach:

1.  We provide Biblically based information and resources about mental health topics. Check out our Christian mental health blog.  
2. We provide a way for individuals to easily find providers (i.e., Christian therapists, psychologists, life coaches, psychiatrists, etc.) that share their world view. You can search for providers near you by searching our 
Christian counseling directory.  
3. We provide a platform that allow providers to easily and effectively market their business. If you are a professional Christian mental health provider or a professional mental health provider who is a practicing Christian, you can list your business here: 
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If you or your family have been blessed by this website (weather by helping you find a local Christian therapist, increasing your awareness of Christian mental health issues, or in some other way) and you would like to be a blessing to this ministry in return on an ongoing, occasional or one time basis, please you the form to make a donation.  

Anything from "treat the staff to coffee" to "double the staff salary" will be much appreciated and well stewarded by our foundered, Corine Williams, Ph.D.