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Posted 08/22/2023 in Christian Mental Health Tips

Find the Joy in the Journey: Embracing the Road Trip of Life

Find the Joy in the Journey: Embracing the Road Trip of Life

Joy is defined, as a noun as a feeling of happiness and great pleasure. As a verb, joy means rejoicing. How fitting this is for us as Christians. Like this Content on Facebook Multiple bible verses tell us to rejoice, and when you are obedient to the Word by rejoicing, you will find joy. Joy and rejoicing do not depend on earthly occurrences but on our relationship with Father God and Jesus Christ. Because worldly circumstances are irrelevant, it’s easy to find joy in the journey.

What Does the Joy in the Journey Mean?

Joy in journey means that you consider life a journey rather than a destination. The definition of a journey is to travel from one place to another. There are many ways to travel. You can travel by air, car, boat or train. Each mode of travel has its pluses and minuses. You pick the mode of travel based on what is most important to you at the time. Even when you travel by car, there are many things to consider. Do you want to take the fastest route, or do you want to avoid highways or tolls? Assessing what matters most to you and using that to plan accordingly will increase your joy in the journey. When you go on a journey, you take notice of the scenery you pass along the way. You take time to stop and explore the more interesting things or things that excite you or make you wonder. You may look for commonality or the unusual as you travel. Even though you have a destination, you enjoy traveling along the road you’re on as you go toward the endpoint. When you decide to take a road trip with family or friends, you get excited or joyful simply because you’re going on a journey. You can approach life in the same manner; in fact, the Word encourages just that.Find a Christian Counselor Near Me Ad

What Does the Bible say About Finding Joy?

In the Psalms, joy and rejoicing go hand in hand. Psalm 118:24 says: "This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it." NKJV The Bible says to be joyful because God has given you another day to live on this earth. Then be joyous because God is with you as you travel. Psalm 32:11 and Philippians 4:4 express being joyful in the Lord and making that joy known. As you travel and continue to seek God, Psalm 98:4 says to sing and shout your praises to the Lord. Add these Psalms and other scriptures on joy to your favorite bible verses to refer to when you need help finding joy.

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7 Ways to Find Joy in the Journey

Here are seven ways to help you find joy in the journey.

Plan ahead

When you go on a road trip, you usually make travel plans. Planning well increases your joy. The Bible talks about the need for a vision or a dream. Once you have a goal, you can get excited and joyful about your journey. God's Word has reminders that He has a plan for you, a good plan. It’s important to seek God and listen to His voice. Then follow His instructions to find joy in the journey. Psalm 23 explains that God will lead you, He will be with you, and you don’t have to be afraid.


You can use music to find joy. On a road trip, you may have music on the radio or even a special playlist created specifically for the expedition. When a song comes on, you may even sing along. Music can also help you in finding joy in the journey of life. Use music in your daily life and worship to rejoice with singing, praising, and thanksgiving. Music can transport you to another place and time. If you’re going through a less-than-scenic area of your journey, you can use music to brighten things up.

Purpose in your heart

Sometimes when you go on a road trip, you know that traffic will be heavy during part of the trip, so you make a conscious choice to accept that fact of the journey. In the same way, you can decide to have joy on the journey of life. You know that there will be some tough times. God has told you this, yet you can still find joy in the journey because it’s all part of life. Things may happen: such as job loss, physical pain, or issues with your physical health, yet you can still find joy despite a negative event.

Psalm 118:24 says we will rejoice. Will, means an act of will. In this case, joy is a decision and an act of obedience. Because God has blessed you with mercies and a new day, you will be glad, enjoy and lean into those blessings.

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Give thanks and celebrate

When you go on a road trip, you’re already blessed to have a vehicle, money for gas and food, and family and friends to accompany you as you travel. God is the best gift giver. He goes way beyond new days and new mercies. Joy can be found on the road trip and in life as you count all the blessings God has bestowed upon you. Think about all the gifts, and then be grateful for those blessings. Rejoice and give thanks and praise for those blessings. Gratitude is finding joy in the journey.

Focus on the present

A common thing to happen on a road trip is to wonder, are we there yet? Once your focus is on the destination rather than the journey, it lessens your satisfaction. Try not to become impatient or allow negative thoughts to impede your joy. Focus on the present moment to find joy in the journey. The present moment is a meaningful part of the journey. God created the present to be experienced and enjoyed. You find enjoyment in travel when you look at where you are presently and give thanks for the moment. You can remember and assess how far you have traveled as long as you don’t get too focused on the past. Even if there is a detour in the original travel plan you envisioned, God will use the scenery you encounter on the detour to bring glory to Him.

Serve and give to others

Perhaps on the detour, you will encounter someone who needs your help or needs to hear your story. When you can help someone, it brings joy to you as well. You can find joy in the journey by serving and giving to others with your time, talent, and treasure. Being generous helps others while increasing your delight and sharing the love of God.

Seek God

You seek the face of God by abiding with Him and inviting Him on the journey with you. Therefore, invite Him into your everyday life. Seeking God will build your faith. Strong faith assures you that any troubles or detours are small things.

When you go on a road trip, you see the beauty of God’s creation all around you. The more intentionally you are at looking at the scenery, the more beauty you see, the more in awe you become, and the more joy you experience. The same is true when you seek the face of God. The more you get to know Him, the more you realize how wonderful He is, the more in awe you become, and the more joy you experience. So seek God, praise Him, and find joy in the journey.

Final Thoughts on How to Find Joy in the Journey

Christians are blessed to have God take the lead on the road trip of life. Because He is with you, it’s easy to find joy. Knowing that He has a plan for you and that you can map out the vision for your journey will make you joyful to take action and get on the road. Having a musical playlist and singing praises brings joy as well. God has already stated that the journey will not be completely stress-free, but you can purpose in your heart ahead of time to be joyous nonetheless. Taking stock of your blessings and praising God during the journey, including detours, will keep you joyful. Perhaps the detour is a way to bring God glory. Remember to give and serve others along the way; you will receive joy in return. Most importantly, be intentional in seeking God so your journey will be joy-filled.

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