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Unearthing Wisdom from the Darkest Corners: Lessons from the 10 Scariest Stories in the Bible

Unearthing Wisdom from the Darkest Corners: Lessons from the 10 Scariest Stories in the Bible

The Bible is filled with records of good and evil. In it, you will see the consequences of wrong choices as well as the power and abundance that comes with faith in God. While most people skip the scary parts of the Bible, they are all in there for a reason. These Bible stories, although scary, can teach us many lessons about God and about life.


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Scary Bible Story #1 - There Is No Such Thing As A “Good Witch” - I Samuel 28

In I Samuel 28, we see a tragic example of what can happen when we rely on our own understanding instead of God's. In this chapter, we find Saul seeking help from the Witch of Endor. Saul has lost the Lord's favor and is looking for guidance from a medium, which is strictly forbidden by God. The witch brings up the spirit of Samuel, who prophesies Saul's demise. This story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of seeking guidance from sources other than God. We see that Saul's disobedience led to his downfall, and ultimately his death.


Lessons from I Samuel 28

This story is a reminder that we should be careful when it comes to trusting things that are clearly against God's will. When we act contrary to God's will, we open ourselves up to a host of problems, this almost always includes spiritual attacks.


Scary Bible Story #2 - Wrong Choice Withering - 1 Kings 13

In 1 Kings 13, a prophet from Judah comes to Bethel and prophesies against the altar that Jeroboam has set up. In this story, the altar gets destroyed, and Jeroboam's hand becomes withered when he asks his guards to seize the prophet.  However, he appeals to the prophet to ask God for help and his hand is then restored. The prophet then predicts that the altar will be raised again in the future.

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Lessons from 1 Kings 13

This story teaches us an important lesson about obeying God's Word. Even when we are confronted with a situation that is difficult or uncomfortable, we need to trust that God knows what He is doing. When we refuse to believe what God is saying and try to take matters into our own hands, we often make things worse.

Scary Bible Story #3 - God Is The Lord Over Everything...Including Monsters! Job 40-41

In Job 40-41, God speaks to Job out of a storm, asking him a series of rhetorical questions about his knowledge of and power over creation. God challenges Job to think about the might of Behemoth and Leviathan, two humongous creatures (aka monsters) beyond Job's ability to control. By contrast, God is able to tame these monsters and has ultimate power over them. In these chapters, God reminds Job of His sovereignty and power, and Job responds by repenting and acknowledging God's greatness.


Lessons from Job 40-41

Through these chapters, we learn that God is sovereign and in control of all things, including monsters. He is not to be questioned or challenged, but rather to be worshipped and praised. These chapters also teach us that we must trust in God, even when we do not understand His ways. He is wise and just, and His ways are perfect. When we submit to God and trust in His goodness, we will find true peace and happiness.

Scary Bible Story #4 - Fire In The Sky - Ezekiel 1

In Ezekiel 1, we find Ezekiel talking about a vision where he saw fire in the sky and four living creatures. The fire was like a bright light in the sky and it was coming from the east. The four creatures were different and they had wings and human faces. They looked like birds and they flew back and forth through the air.

Lessons from Ezekiel 1

This story is an important one for us to learn about God's character. The chapter highlights how holy God is and how His glory is to be respected. In reading this verse, we are reminded of how we should always be mindful of God and His great power. He is an all-consuming fire.

Scary Bible Story #5 - When Dried Bones Come To Life! - Ezekiel 37

Ezekiel 37 opens with a vision of a valley full of dry bones. God asks the prophet Ezekiel whether these bones can live, and Ezekiel answers that only God knows. Then, God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones, and as he does so, they come to life and are wrapped with flesh and skin. These dry bones represent the people of Israel, who have been brought back to life by God. The vision is a symbol of hope for the people of Israel, who have been through a time of great trials and suffering.

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Lessons from Ezekiel 37

This scary Bible story is a powerful reminder that even when things seem hopeless, God can still bring new life. Just as the bones in the valley came together and were filled with new life when they followed God's instructions, we too will see God's blessing if we choose to obey Him.


Scary Bible Story #6 - The Hand Without A Body - Daniel 5

In Daniel 5, Belshazzar, the king of Babylon, throws a great feast for a thousand of his nobles. He also brings out the gold and silver vessels that his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple in Jerusalem. As they drink wine from these vessels, the king and his guests praise the gods of gold and silver. Suddenly, a hand appears and starts writing on the wall. The king is so terrified that he calls for his wise men to interpret the writing, but they are unable to. Then the queen tells him about a prophet in Israel who could interpret the writing, and Daniel is brought before the king. Daniel reads the writing which says the king's reign is coming to an end.


Lessons from Daniel 5

Belshazzar's feast is a story of God's sovereignty and man's responsibility. It is a story of how God is in control of our destiny, and how we are responsible for our choices. It is a story that teaches us that we should be careful what we worship and that we should be careful how we live. Because what He gives, He can also take away.

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Scary Bible Story #7 - They See Dead People - Matthew 27

In Matthew 27:51-54, we see the effects of Jesus' death on the world around him. The curtain in the temple is torn in half, signifying that access to God is now open to all. The earth shakes and graves open, releasing the dead who then appear to many in Jerusalem. Seeing dead people and all the other events that happened that day caused great fear among the people who only then realized that Jesus was indeed who he claimed to be.


Lessons from Matthew 27

Jesus, in Matthew 27, showed us that death is not the end, but instead a new beginning. These teachings can help us to confront our own anguish with optimism and strength. When we have faith in God, we can discover strength in the midst of our weaknesses. And when we keep in mind that death is not the end, but a new beginning, we can find comfort in our grief.


Scary Bible Story #8 - Army Of Demons - Mark 5

In Mark 5:1-11, Jesus is approached by a man who is possessed by demons. The man begs Jesus to free him from the demons, and Jesus does. The demons then begged Jesus to send them into a nearby herd of pigs, and Jesus did. The pigs then ran into a nearby lake and drowned. The people of that area came to see what had happened and were surprised to see the man who had been possessed by demons now freed and standing with Jesus.


Lessons from Mark 5

In this scary story from the Bible, we see Jesus' power over the spiritual realm. Jesus actually casts out a Legion of demons from a man, and the demons then beg him not to send them into the "abyss." This story teaches us that Jesus has authority over the spiritual realm and that we can always trust him to protect us from evil. There is no demon in hell that can escape the power of His voice. So you will always be saved from the enemy when you call on His name.
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Scary Bible Story #9 - Ghost On The Water - Mark 6

Mark 6:45-49 tells the story of Jesus walking on water. The disciples were terrified when they saw Him because they actually thought He was a ghost. However, Jesus calmly reassured them and invited Peter to come out onto the water with him.


Lessons from Mark 6

Jesus has always shown us that it is possible to do the impossible. In this story, by calling Peter to walk on the water with Him, He reveals that we, like Him, can do anything with God on our side. Even when we have our doubts, we can still accomplish great things as long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him. Peter walking on water while looking at Jesus, and sinking when paying attention to the wind is proof of this fact.


Scary Bible Story #10 - Feast Of Worms - Acts 12

Acts 12 tells us the story of how Herod had James, the brother of John, killed with the sword before proceeding to arrest Peter. Following the prayers of a church, an angel of the Lord intervened and rescued Peter from prison. Herod, however, did not lose his pride even after Peter was set free. Herod, in this chapter, not only tried to stop the gospel from spreading but also accepted people calling him a god. Soon after, he was struck dead by an angel and eaten by worms.


Lessons from Acts 12

This story teaches us that God is sovereign and in control, even when things seem bad. It also shows us that God's people can suffer, but He will ultimately vindicate them. Finally, we see that God's power is greater than any earthly power, and that should give us hope.


Final Thoughts on the Scariest Bible Stories

Let's all admit that the Bible is not always an easy read. There are many chapters that are scary and hard to understand. However, the Bible is more than just stories about the past. It's also a story about what comes next. What comes next is that death has already been conquered in Christ. We don't have to fear anything, because Jesus has already made it through and conquered everything we could be afraid of. So, while these stories may be scary, they ultimately point to the hope, redemption, and protection we have in Christ.

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