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Posted 09/21/2021 in Books

Roar Like A Lion: A Kid's Devotional

Roar Like  A Lion: A Kid's Devotional

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Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous FaithRoar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous FaithRoar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith

If you are looking for a book to help your children's group in their faith, as well as navigate peer pressure, purpose, and loss, Roar Like A Lion 90 devotions to a courageous faith by Pastor Levi Lusko with Tama Fortner is the perfect book for you.

When I first picked up this book, I was struck by the unique picture of a lion. After doing some digging, I learned the lion on the cover has a very special meaning: Levi’s daughter was nickednamed Lenya Lion. When Lenya was five she had a fatal asthma attack. After her death, they were able to donate her corneas and two people received sight through an amazing organization called Sight Life. As a part of his grieving process, Levi wrote a book entitled, Through The Eyes of a Lion.

About Roar Like A Lion: A Kid's Devotional 

Through the Eyes of a Lion helps people to find hope in Jesus during hard times.  Roar Like A Lion 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith is the kids version of Through The Eyes of a Lion.  Roar Like A Lion book is ideal for children between the ages of six and ten where they can read it alone. However, younger kids will love it as a readout as well as the beautiful pictures.  

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The lessons are appropriate for people of all ages to learn from, although they focus on themes that are particularly relevant to children, including:

  • facing fears about school and friendships; 
  • having courage to try something new;
  • handling new challenges, past disappointments, and grief;
  • dealing with peer pressure and bullying; and
  • understanding how we each fit into God's great story.

However, there are topics that are great for the whole family:

  • The importance of time
  • alone with God; 
  • holding on to hope with life is hard and/or painful; and 
  • understanding your purpose

There are 90 Devotions in this book and each is anchored with a verse from the Bible. After each devotional, there is a sidebar that includes fun facts or historical information, as well as a prayer.  Throughout the book, there are hidden anchors to remind the reader that Jesus is their anchor.  

You can order Roar Like A Lion: 90 Devotions To A Courageous Faith or any of the books by Pastor Lusko via amazon or wherever books are sold.  

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 Disclosure: I did receive this book in exchange for this review. Many thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing it to me. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
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